Japan cheap travel

A complete guide to budget travel in Japan

 Ryokan Room
 Temple Room, Kyoto

Accommodation Overview

Accommodation is generally expensive in Japan but cheap rooms can be found with a little perseverance. 

The type of cheap accommodation that you seek out in Japan will depend whether you are traveling in a group, a couple or alone, and on how you are traveling. For example campsites are cheap, but in some instances they are only accessible by hitchhiking (unless you have your own transport).

Traveling around as a couple, our mainstays were cheap business hotels in the cities, and camping in the countryside. However our most memorable nights were spent in traditional Japanese accommodation such as Minshuku. These may not always be cheapest option, but are worthwhile for truly experiencing Japan. For a list of our recommended Japanese guesthouses, go to our budget guesthouses page.

The following list links to the sections of this website on the different budget accommodation options. Obviously, the more nights you can spend in the very cheap or free accommodation, the more money you will save!

Summary of budget accommodation options

Good Value Good Value for a couple Very Cheap Free