Japan cheap travel

A complete guide to budget travel in Japan

 Indoor karesansui temple garden, Kyoto
 Indoor karesansui temple garden, Kyoto

About us

We were fortunate enough to travel for three incredible months along the entire length of Japan. With some very careful planning, we managed to spend less per day than we had, per day, travelling in Canada and New Zealand, for the same amount of time. We travelled as a couple, but within this website, there is lots of advice for solo travellers too. We met many people who were travelling on their own.

How we did it

For our three month trip, from the end of May, until mid-August, we camped, we WWOOFed, we stayed in business hotels, love hotels, minshuku, and mountain huts. We traveled for quite a distance on the famous Seishun Juhachi (18) Kippu.

We have added an outline of our itinerary to the website. It should by no means be taken as a perfect example, but, it is intended to give you some ideas on how you can combine the various options open to you. If you can use a mix of cheap travel passes and cheap accommodation options, you will be able to really enjoy Japan and keep to a backpacking budget.

We want to hear from you

As time passes and our own Japanese adventure becomes a memory, we would love to hear from you, if you have been to Japan more recently. If you've used some of the tips on this website or have some 'cheap Japan travel' tips of your own. Please get in touch at the email below. If you would like to write about your travels in Japan, send your photos, we'd be very happy to put it online so others can benefit from your experiences.