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A complete guide to budget travel in Japan

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 Ryojanji Temple


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Official Organisation Sites

Japan National Tourist Organisation, JNTO
An excellent site for planning when and where to go in Japan. This site contains a clickable map of Japan, an A to Z of places to visit and up to date information on events and festivals.

JNTO - London Office
The official site of the Japan National Tourist Organization, London Office with information on climate, Japanese holidays and peak travel times.

WWOOF Japan Organisation
The official site of the WWOOF Japan volunteering scheme.

General Japan Travel Information Sites

Lonely Planet Destination Guide
This guide will give you some general Japan travel tips as well as detailed information on some of the more popular cities including: Kyoto, Nagoya, Osaka, Sapporo and Tokyo.

Japan Guide
An excellent resource for all aspects of Japanese travel. They also run an extremely efficient and helpful forum.

Go Japan
Another excellent resource from About.com on all aspects of Japanese travel.

Accommodation sites for the whole of Japan

Japanese Guesthouses
Reserve a room at a Japanese Ryokan (Japanese inn) anywhere in Japan using the free reservation service on this website.

The Wind Site
Room sharing and Guesthouse finder in Tokyo.

Secret Onsen
A site with details of onsen all over Japan.

Backpackers Planet
A free and transparent backpackers information platform with Backpackers Hostels and Guest Houses from around Japan.

More Japan travel sites

Japan travel guide
Japan travel guide with all kinds of travel information and resources. Includes Japan maps, Japan hotels, Japanese popular culture, Japan cities and more.

Must Love Japan
Using short, high quality videos, Must Love Japan highlights different areas of Japan and Japanese culture for travelers. This is an excellent concept offers travelers an insight into real Japan in motion.

Aitai Japan
Association for independent tourist assistance in Japan.

Soon Magazine
The Japanese Page of this online magazine includes lots of information and links on the Japanese language and learning Japanese.

Getting off the beaten track in Japan

Japan Cycling
Informative site with lots of helpful tips especially if you plan on cycling around Japan.

Japan Language Learning and Exchange

Free mobile language learning software
Free demo versions of Hiragana/Kanji/Romaji Japanese language trainers for your mobile phone.

Tour Companies in Japan

Japan Road Tours
Japan Roads, in association with Japanese Guest Houses conduct slow-paced and in-depth tours focusing on Japanese culture.

Japan links pages

Web Japan
Japan links page.