Japan cheap travel

A complete guide to budget travel in Japan

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Travelling by Bus

Long Distance and Highway Buses

There are long distance bus routes crisscrossing Japan between all of the major cities. For single journeys, the buses tend to be cheaper than taking the train, although travelling times are a lot slower. The buses are, however, comfortable and efficient.

Taking a bus for a single journey does constitute good value. However, if you are doing multiple routes, the buses are not really much cheaper the than the rail passes which are a better deal overall.

The www.123bus.net is a website specialising in providing frequent night time bus services to many cities in Japan at very reasonable prices. They are the only bus service in Japan that have an English online booking system where you can check the seat availability instantly.

There are several overnight routes that can help you save on accommodation too.

NOTE: If you choose to buy a JR Rail Pass, it will be valid on specific journeys of the JR Highway Bus network, particularly between Tokyo and Osaka.

For all timetables and prices visit the Japanese Bus Network website.

Local Buses

The local buses are efficient and cost effective way to see some local sights. The fares will normally vary according to the distance you travel. We used the local buses in smaller cities and rural areas to get to and from campsites when we were not hitchhiking.